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Our team here at Absolute Mamma are here to provide physical, emotional and loving support through pregnancy to birth and beyond. We are all Mums ourselves here to help you fulfil your Mamma goals. Be the absolute best version of yourself!

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Meet the team

Every journey is unique and every Mum will share different experiences and that’s what we encourage here at Absolute Mamma. Our stories make us who we are…

“Believe you can and you will be the absolute best version of yourself”

– Nicole

Nicole Lucy-Jones

Nutrition Advisor

As founder of Absolute Mamma, Nicole believes passion and compassion truly is at the heart of everything she and her team does.

Every woman will respond and react to pregnancy in their own personal way, be it a lovely surprise or a long-awaited gift, we all need suitable time to adjust. As part of this journey, Mothers will naturally want to give their baby the best start possible, providing her with all the nutrients she needs to grow happily and healthily.

Nicole works with new mums looking at their nutritional intake and activity levels and how best they can tailor this to benefit both themselves and their baby. As a mother herself, she understands the reality of looking after children and the demands that brings whilst trying to eat well and keep healthy too. It’s often at the back of our minds as something we need to address, however, through lack of time, sleep and energy it’s often left at the bottom of the priority list when realistically it’s the time our bodies need more care and attention than ever.

As a Nutrition Advisor for Absolute Mamma, Nicole works with Mothers to create a plan that realistically fits her lifestyle, so every new mum can feel her absolute best and achieve her personal goals. Nicole specialises in pre- and post-natal nutrition as well a childhood nutrition and obesity prevention, giving new mums the knowledge and skills to pass on to their children for a fitter and healthier new generation.

Absolute Mamma believes in being great role models for our children and like the Jungle Book song goes ‘I want to be like you!’ children are a product of their environment. If their Mamma is happy, healthy and looking after herself they will naturally tend to follow.

As your Nutrition Advisor, Nicole will help you grow a naturally healthy relationship with food, that works with you and your family. She has a wealth of meal plans available and tips to help your maternity pay stretch that bit further – providing quick and easy nutritious meals for the whole family.

Nutrition is vital not just for our health and life but affects how we feel physically and emotionally. Eating well helps you feel happy from within. It’s time to start your journey into motherhood in a healthy, supportive environment so you can feel absolutely healthy. Absolutely happy.

Rebecca Curson

BSc (Hons) MSc

Wellness Advisor

Rebecca specialises in providing wellbeing advice for mothers during pregnancy and following giving birth. Her friendly and supportive nature helps all our Absolute Mammas feel comfortable and secure during a time when they may need it most.

With 9 years’ perinatal mental health experience, Rebecca is suitably equipped to understand the challenges and questions the time leading up to birth and motherhood itself can bring to the mind. Having become a mother herself, her understanding of the emotional side of becoming a mother was broadened by experiencing the more physical elements, the female bodily changes and how mind and body are co-dependent to an extent.

At a time when your body is playing such an important role, acting as a home with the responsibility to aid the growth of a new precious life created, it is natural to consider what else enters your system and how this may affect your unborn child. We often think about our diet during pregnancy, which can lead to considering the products we use. Often mothers can feel it’s important that the ingredients of what they are using are preferably natural, but a stumbling block can be the price of these products and access. Weleda, established in 1921 is perfect for mothers, providing 100% natural NATRUE certified products, safe for mothers, their babies and the whole family. Rebecca is an advocate of and an advisor for Weleda, therefore can offer guidance and local access to not only their mother and baby range (which have ingredients adjusted for the particular needs during pregnancy, birth preparation and whilst feeding), but also skincare and other products that can feel like a bit of a treat for a mother!

So whether you are looking to give yourself some well-earned TLC by being good to yourself, looking for post-bath baby products to enjoy baby massage and enhance your bonding experience or simply want to discuss changes in your mood and need a listening ear (as we all know what hormones can do!) – Rebecca is here with a holistic approach to offer individualised support and accommodate these needs. As beautiful as the experience of motherhood can be, it’s not without its complexities and we can provide judgement-free support to compliment your emotional & organic cosmetic needs.

“If you surround yourself with a positive like-minded network, everything will naturally fall into place”

– Rebecca

Our Absolute Network

Linda Mcneill

Hypnobirthing Teacher

Hello! I am Linda and I am thrilled to be part of the Absolute Mamma team.

I am a Hypnobirthing teacher based in Chelmsford and I run my own company called Bun in the Oven Birthing. I have now helped over 200 couples prepare for the most positive birth possible and I absolutely love what I do.

As a Hypnobirthing mum myself I absolutely know how it can totally transform a birth experience. Hypnobirthing is about preparing a woman and her partner for birth by giving them knowledge, empowering them with a ‘toolkit’ of techniques to use during their birth and filling them with confidence and excitement about having their baby.

If you want to know more please check out my website at or contact me at I can’t wait to hear from you!

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We’d love to hear from you! Our Absolute Mammas are here to support you on your journey

Get in Contact

We’d love to hear from you! Our Absolute Mammas are here to support you on your journey



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