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Absolute Mamma is your absolute support network from pregnancy to birth and beyond. We help prepare for your amazing journey into motherhood, feeling healthy and confident!

Nurturing our mammas

As a Mother, we all too often forget to nurture ourselves. Just like we nurture our children to grow and develop here at Absolute Mamma we know it’s important to nurture our Mammas as well. After all, you’re  growing and learning too!

After carrying our little ones for 9 or 10 months the physical demand this puts on our amazing bodies can be exhausting.

During this time we need all the love, support and guidance we can from our trusted support network.

At Absolute Mamma we are here to give our new mums the opportunity to explore the kind of Mamma they want to be and the services available to them.

We believe in nurturing our Mamma’s so they can feel happy and healthy from within.

Breastfeeding Support

“Success in breastfeeding is not the sole responsibility of a woman – the promotion of breastfeeding is a collective societal responsibility” – Ellen Piwoz.

Should breastfeeding be your preferred method of feeding your baby, we are able to provide our Mum’s with the help, support and guidance they need through their breastfeeding journey. 

Doula Support

Pregnancy and birth is not only about the birth of a baby. It’s about the birth of a mother and a new family. Doulas help the birth of strong, confident, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength whilst supporting her family in whatever way she needs during this time.   


Pregnancy sends the mothers body into overdrive to help protect and grow her unborn child. She then uses strength she never knew she had to birth her baby and then has to start the real hard work of feeding, changing and nurturing. All of this combined often leads to the Mother’s health and wellbeing left neglected – when in reality this is the most important time to be looking at her nutrition to help her body recover and continue to support her baby.


The power of Hypnobirthing and the promotion of positive births is something all of our Absolute Mammas have personally experienced. We all believe in the confidence and love it equips you with throughout your pregnancy and the belief that your body is perfectly made to birth your baby.

Wellness Advisor

If you’re not happy, your baby is not happy. We have a dedicated team specialising in post-natal mental health. They are able to offer the emotional support we all so desperately need in one way or another, in a safe, non-judgemental, confidential environment. Whether it be regular one-to-ones or a one off coffee and a chat we’re here to listen.

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